The Proofessional will provide your company with sharp, professional copy and spotless proofreading. Let The Proofessional take care of your writing needs so that you can focus on your business and clientele.


Protect yourself against faulty, unprofessional writing. We will identify and correct mistakes with punctuation, grammar, word usage, repetition, wordiness, choppy sentence construction and sentence flow. 


Need a deeper edit on your written documents? Get a thorough document treatment. We will rewrite and reorganize your documents for better meaning, smoother flow and more powerful impact. Editing completely overhauls your document, while retaining its essential message.


Do you need fresh, insightful copy for your next project? We can deliver any style of writing from formal business documents to hip Web content, technical writing to humorous speeches. A quick consultation on the details is all we need to deliver sharp, effective copy.

Graphics & Layout:

Want the whole package? We can fully design your entire project including document layout, graphic and logo design and even printing and distribution services.

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